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The Cosmic Light

by Dark Energy Discoveries

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[Wawlwerk/Sharkchild] Lay your hands on me. Lay your touch upon the curves that shape me. Lay your head on me. Lay your dreams along the realms that propel the future of us. Lay your warmth on me. Lay your flames across the skies that I see. Lay your breath in me. Lay your life beside the promise that holds us in the now. [Moxhege] All, all that I need in this life is your light to guide me beyond the galaxy’s night; Lead me, fill me, thrill me with your cosmic light. [Sharkchild] All that I need is your heart—your arms around me. And all that I need is your light, your light. [Wawlwerk/Sharkchild] Lay your words on me. Lay your spell upon the walls within me. Lay your time for me. Lay your age aside and let your soul be free for all of eternity. [Chrymiq] And everything you say you’ll do— You’ll do it but you know it’s true: All I need is but your love; All I need is but your touch. And everything you say you’ll be— It doesn’t matter much to me. ‘Cause all I need is just your light; All I need is but your...
[Sharkchild/Bizuhll] The deepest love requires grace washing the sands of the careless mistakes. I’ll prove to you that wounds can heal, but for now I will take all the pain. [Chrymiq] Remember the first the time you reached the stars. Remember the flames as you burned your scars. Erupt anew and bury your fears. Remember the way that you soared through time. Remember the glory that from you shined. Embrace this life of vast frontiers. [Hypnitium] Take my hand, I’ll lead you to forever again. You will feel it: the sensation of hope. Together, we’ll overcome the impossible. You will feel it: the sensation of great hope. [Sharkchild] Beyond the ashes the soul lay whole. Beyond the ashes the soul is full. [Sharkchild/Bizuhll] Every time I see your face, I have visions of this place that the glows of dreams replace. There’s no reason not to believe that from your hells you are freed. By my side you will succeed. [Chyrmiq] Remember the first time you conquered worlds. Remember the awe as your power unfurled. Hold your heart and never let go. Remember the voids that detest your eyes. Remember the births that you gave design. Release your past and let faith flow. [Sharkchild/Wawlwerk] Hope will give you the light from the sun to scorch all the ages but one. It is there that you’ll see and find wisdom to rise and learn knowledge of how death... [Sharkchild] Dies. [Moxhege] The dominion of hope.


Haunted by mysterious visions, Sharkchild, Moxhege, Chrymiq, Wawlwerk, Bizuhll, and Hypnitium embark on a journey through the Ravener's portal to locate an immense light. This uncanny source of brilliance, on the outskirts of all matter, sustains beyond all time and space and imparts the principles of everlasting existence.


released February 19, 2013

Music and Lyrics - M. Amanuensis Sharkchild

Production, Mixing, and Mastering - The Ravener

Cover Artwork - John Santagada


all rights reserved



Dark Energy Discoveries Los Angeles, California

Revealing hidden universes.

Synthwave/Retrowave accompanied by death growls that is full of emotion and power to send you off into new dimensions.

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